Tilted House is a small book press in New Orleans, LA. We make small batches of handbound chapbooks, broadsides, and other prints.

Self-publishing with a soul.” Currently, Tilted House operates as a self-publisher. We embody the content you provide in a handsome, handmade way.

As we grow, however, we intend to operate more like a traditional book press — implementing the submission process, printing newspapers, anthologies, and more — while still maintaining the self-publishing option.


Tilted House is run by New Orleans poet, Cameron Lovejoy. After about ten years of writing, he was introduced to the idea of the “comprehensive poet” — the poet who not only reads and writes, but the poet who performs well, knows their contemporaries, can navigate the submission process — the poet who can bind their own books.  After a year of binding his own, Cameron offered this service to the greater community. It was well received, and, thus, Tilted House was born.

Tilted House started as a bedroom book press, literally situated in the corner of Cameron’s room. But as of January 2019, Tilted House runs out of the poetry and performance space, The Dragonfly.