Tilted House is book press and publishing house in New Orleans, Louisiana.

We publish small runs of handbound books, chapbooks, and broadsides, and later this year will launch an online literary journal.

”Self-publishing with a soul.” In addition to publishing writers and other artists, we offer a self-publishing alternative for those who simply want their work tangible. We’ll format, print, and bind your books so you can distribute them as you choose.


Tilted House is run by New Orleans poet, Cameron Lovejoy. After ten years of writing, he was introduced to the idea of the “comprehensive poet” — the poet who not only reads and writes but who performs well, submits mercilessly, and can bind their own books. After a year of learning to bind, Cameron offered this service to the greater community. It was well received, and, thus, Tilted House was born.

Tilted House started as a bedroom book press, literally situated in the corner of Cameron’s room. But as of January 2019, Tilted House runs out of the poetry and performance space, The Dragonfly.